Jeff and Amanda Schiefelbein


“We are excited and blessed to serve as the 2019 Chairs for Heroic Media’s National Prayer Luncheon for Life.

“Heroic Media is empowering young women every day to face the challenges of an unexpected pregnancy knowing that there is hope and help available. Through their online outreach, Heroic Media is celebrating the heroism of motherhood while also demonstrating to the abortion industry how we are all called to truly love both mother and child. By creating a brighter future for these women and children, we are participating in the powerful witness of God’s grace and His ultimate plan for each of our lives.

“Please join us in celebrating and supporting Heroic Media’s life-saving work on March 4th as we work together to spread God’s kingdom, serving as the hands and feet of Christ in this endeavor.

“As the 2019 Luncheon Chairs, we are committed to bringing 100 personally invited guests (10 tables) to the event, and we are certain that with your help we can fill the remaining 1900 spots.

“Let’s rally together for life and send a message of love so loud and so clear that hearts will be softened and more babies will be saved as a result of our time together. Be heroic.”

Jeff and Amanda Schiefelbein
2019 National Prayer Luncheon for Life Chairs