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Episode 26: With Guest Missy Martinez-Stone


Join hosts Karen Garnett and Brett Attebery as they welcome Missy Martinez-Stone, CEO of Reprotection, to The National Prayer Luncheon for Life Pro-Life Impact Show. Learn about the explosive growth of Reprotection, a pro-life watchdog group whose mission is to help local pro-lifers develop a specific and effective strategy to close the doors of the abortion businesses nearest to them, based on the businesses’ own misdeeds. Reprotection is currently working active cases involving 50 abortion businesses, and is the official reporting-to group for Sidewalk Advocates for Life and Heartbeat International affiliates. You will be inspired to hear Missy’s and Reprotection’s story, cited by David Bereit as “the missing link to the pro-life movement,” focused on accountability and enforcement of pro-life laws!


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