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Episode 32: With Guest Jason Jones


Join hosts Karen Garnett and Brett Attebery as they welcome Jason Jones, author, speaker, film producer, President of H.E.R.O. (Human Rights Education Organization), Movie to Movement, and I Am Whole Life, Director of The Vulnerable People Project, and host of The Jason Jones Show to The National Prayer Luncheon for Life Pro-Life Impact Show. Hear Jason’s riveting story of how the trajectory of his life changed when his high school girlfriend became pregnant and they tragically lost their preborn daughter, Jessica, in a third-trimester abortion her mother was forced to undergo in the late 80s – and Jason’s vow that he would spend the rest of his life working to end abortion. Jason wrote a “40-year plan” in 1991 to “end abortion in 40 years” – including Roe falling in 2022! With that “first major domino now having fallen,” Jason is confident that a Personhood Amendment securing the legal protection for ALL preborn children nationwide by the year 2031 IS achievable as “the great campaign in support of life” continues full steam ahead with each of us doing our part. You will be inspired and encouraged!

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