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Episode 48: With Guest David Bereit


Join host Karen Garnett as she welcomes back David Bereit, Founder and former CEO of 40 Days for Life and National Strategic Advisor to pro-life and faith-based organizations, for this special episode of The National Prayer Luncheon for Life Pro-Life Impact Show with Brett “on the other side of the mic”. David recently guest-interviewed Brett about his new book, Your Pro-Life Bottom Line: How You Can Help End Abortion by Investing in Groundbreaking Consumer Marketing Strategies that Encourage Women to Choose Life, for Pro-Life Magazine, published by Heroic Media, and brings the conversation to the NPLL Pro-Life Impact Show audience. In our new post-Roe landscape, David articulates why he believes Brett’s and Heroic Media’s “fresh strategy” of helping create the first national counter-brand to Planned Parenthood, through a business lens, is key to winning “market share” – for LIFE! We press forward with maximum determination to accelerate winning the war to empower women and protect preborn children from the evil of abortion!


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