The Producers of “Divided Hearts of America: The Truth About Abortion in America”:
Jason Jones, Benjamin and Kirsten Watson, Elizabeth Kennedy Ryzewicz, Chad Bonham,
and Yvonne Florczack-Seeman


Nathan and Diana Harris
Flip and Celeste Howard


Craig and Marti Albert

Brett and Eri Attebery

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Nathan and Diana Harris

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Dr. Jonathan and Rebecca Sanford

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Jeff and Amanda Schiefelbein – 2019 Luncheon Chairs

Jim and Jacqui Schwab

Chris and Karen Seymour

Bill and Mary Sladek – 2018 Luncheon Chairs

Ashley and Tim Storms

Chris and Jacqueline Strempek

The Most Reverend Joseph E. Strickland, Diocese of Tyler, Texas

Rev. Ambrose Strong, O.Cist.

Drs. Jeff and Mayra Thompson

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Patricia Vazquez

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Carolyn and Michael Walsh

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