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From Impactful Event
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Originating in 2016 as an in-person, direct counter-to-Planned Parenthood event hosted by Heroic Media to fund Heroic Media’s OAASYS (On-demand Alternatives to Abortion SYStem), the National Prayer Luncheon for Life evolved in 2021 as a year-round initiative to elevate and celebrate high-impact pro-life organizations, so that together we can accelerate winning more battles, and ultimately winning the war to protect preborn human lives from the evil of abortion. The initiative culminates with an annual, largely online “hour of power” event in the Spring, encompassing thousands of participants nationwide to unite in fervent prayer and select, through nationwide voting, the high-impact National Prayer Luncheon for Life Pro-Life Impact Award winner and Pro-Life Impact Grant recipients.
Meet Karen and Brett


Chief Culture Officer, Heroic Media
President, National Prayer Luncheon for Life
Executive Editor, Pro-Life Magazine
Co-host, The NPLL Pro-Life Impact Show weekly podcast

Karen Garnett joined the Heroic Media executive team in May 2017, bringing 28 years of volunteer and professional experience in the pro-life movement. Commissioned by Dallas Bishop Charles Grahmann in 1993, Karen served as the founding Executive Director of the Catholic Pro-Life Committee (now Community) of North Texas, the Respect Life Ministry of the Diocese of Dallas, until 2015, and as 2012-14 Chair of the Life & Family Life Department of the Texas Catholic Conference of Bishops. Under Karen’s leadership, the CPLC became heralded as the largest and most effective diocesan-based pro-life organization in the world and a model for the nation. In 2016, Karen received the honorary title of CPLC Executive Director Emeritus, and shortly thereafter established Culture of Life Network to serve pro-life organizations through consulting, speaking, and special projects, which brought her to Heroic Media, where she serves as Chief Culture Officer, President of National Prayer Luncheon for Life, Co-host of The National Prayer Luncheon for Life Pro-Life Impact Show (a weekly podcast), and Executive Editor of Pro-Life Magazine.

Karen has been recognized with several awards and honors, including: 2004 Cardinal Mindszenty Foundation of Texas’ Motherhood Award; Legatus International’s 2005 John Cardinal O’Connor Pro-Life Hall of Fame Award, presented in Naples, Florida, by Tom Monaghan, the singular time for a diocesan respect life director; 2009 Texas Knights of Columbus ACE Award; 2011 Texas Life, Faith & Education Award; The 2017 Father Edward Robinson, O.P., Pro-Life Person of the Year Award; and the 2018 Founders Flame Award upon the 25th anniversary of the CPLC’s founding; attending the 2008 arrival ceremony for Pope Benedict XVI on the South Lawn of The White House at the invitation of President George W. Bush; signing ceremonies of Texas’ Sonogram Law and omnibus Pro-Life Law HB 2 in 2011 and 2013 at the invitation of Governor Rick Perry; 2011 invitation-only Springtime of Faith Foundation Rome Summit, a select conference for 25 to 30 international Catholic and Christian leaders; and delivering the eulogy at the funeral of Norma McCorvey, the “Jane Roe” of Roe vs. Wade, in February 2017.

As a primary spokesperson for Heroic Media and National Prayer Luncheon for Life, Karen has extensive experience in public and media relations, including interviews for radio, television, and online news, newspapers, and documentaries, and has been featured in four books.

Karen is a native Virginian, moving to Texas during her senior year of high school. She received her Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry from Texas A&M University in 1983, with a minor in Business. Karen and her husband Eddie, married in 1984, are the proud parents of Maria, Will, Johnny, Dane, and Mike and Jordan, lost to miscarriage. The Garnetts reside in Dallas and are members of Sts. Monica and Rita parishes and the Christian Community of God’s Delight, where Karen serves in music ministry.


Chief Executive Officer, Heroic Media
Chairman, National Prayer Luncheon For Life
Founder, Pro-Life Magazine

Co-host, The NPLL Pro-Life Impact Show weekly podcast

Brett Attebery’s journey into full-time pro-life work began when he entered the Catholic Church in 2004. As he deepened his understanding about the Church’s teaching on the sanctity of life, Brett had to confront a tragic event from his distant past. When he was just a teenager, his girlfriend at the time became pregnant, and together, Brett and his girlfriend chose to have their own child aborted. Upon entering the Church, Brett firmly believed God had forgiven him for that terrible mistake, but it still weighed heavily on his conscience for many years. So in 2013, Brett decided to seek healing at a Rachel’s Vineyard retreat. During the retreat he experienced a powerful outpouring of God’s healing grace. In gratitude, Brett asked God to use him in some way to help young women and men not make the same mistake he had made so many years earlier.

God did not wait long to answer Brett’s prayer. Shortly after the Rachel’s Vineyard retreat, Brett left for-profit work entirely, devoting himself full-time to saving lives from abortion. He founded Pro-Life Magazine and also launched Maria’s Choice, a crowdfunding website that raised money to benefit pregnant women who felt pressured to choose abortion because of lack of financial resources.

In 2015, Brett joined the executive team at Heroic Media as Vice President of Marketing, tasked with leading Heroic Media’s efforts to save babies’ lives from abortion by using targeted internet advertising, innovatively creating OAASYS (On-demand Alternatives to Abortion SYStem). In 2020, Brett became CEO of Heroic Media, and in 2021, he joined Heroic Media’s Board of Directors. He also serves as Chairman of National Prayer Luncheon for Life, Co-host of The National Prayer Luncheon for Life Pro-Life Impact Show (a weekly podcast), and is the Founder of Pro-Life Magazine and Americans for Shutting Down the Abortion Industry (ASDAI) – a new non-profit that uses a mutual fund approach to enable pro-life philanthropists to invest exclusively in pro-life programs that show measurable impact at winning the war against the abortion industry.

With a background in economics and consumer product marketing, Brett strives to bring the language of business to his pro-life work. In his new book, Your Pro-Life Bottom Line, published in Spring 2022, Brett opens up a new way of thinking about pro-life through the lens of basic business principles: a deep understanding of an abortion-seeking pregnant woman as a “consumer”; the “costs and benefits” in her mind of aborting her child or choosing life; an understanding of the marketplace and available “product options”; and measuring success through metrics like market share.

Brett graduated with a BA double major in French and Economics from Tulane University, and he earned an MBA with a concentration in Marketing and Operations from The Wharton School. He also earned an MA in International Studies from the University of Pennsylvania in collaboration with the Japanese language program of The Wharton School’s prestigious Lauder Institute. Brett was born and raised in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, and now lives in McKinney, Texas. He enjoys tennis, golf, ballroom dancing, and hunting.

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