Kevin Fitzpatrick

Kevin Fitzpatrick

Kevin Fitzpatrick


Director of Development at Heroic Media

Kevin grew up in New Orleans, Louisiana, where he attended Jesuit High School. During his time at Jesuit, he became involved in the Pro-Life Club. Through the influence of the Jesuits, faculty, and his family, Kevin came to understand the importance of being a voice for the preborn. The Pro-Life Club’s main ministry was praying outside of the local abortion facility. While praying outside of this facility, Kevin was able to witness something that is rarely talked about in the mainstream media: the look on a woman’s face after leaving an abortion facility. While there were many tragedies that occurred inside of this abortion facility, Kevin also has distinct memories of women who saw the Jesuit High School students praying, went up to them and thanked them for giving the sign they asked for to not go through with their abortions.

While attending the University of Dallas, Kevin attended Heroic Media’s first annual Prayer Breakfast for Life, where he became aware of the compassionate approach Heroic Media was taking towards approaching women as well as its measurable effectiveness. Kevin began interning shortly after the Prayer Breakfast, and accepted a full-time job as Development Officer after graduating from UD in May of 2015.

Kevin is devoted to helping Heroic Media raise enough money so that they may be able to reach every woman who searches for information about abortion online.

Kevin, his wife Laura, and their daughter Zelie reside in Irving, Texas.

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