NPLL 2022 Honorees

National Prayer Luncheon for Life (NPLL) received nominations from across the country to honor pro-life organizations that prove, backed by measurable results, that they’re successfully saving lives and winning battles against the abortion industry.

Six amazing organizations were selected as the finalists on the 2022 Ballot for the NPLL 2022 Pro-Life Impact Award and $100,000 in Pro-Life Impact Grants.

Awards Presented:

2022 NPLL Pro-Life
Impact Award Honorees

In Alphabetical Order

Amy Ford

Embrace Grace is a non-profit that inspires and equips the church to love on single and pregnant young women and their families. We provide churches with the curriculum and tools so they can host their own support groups for those impacted by unexpected pregnancies. Embrace Grace has support groups for women with unexpected pregnancies, young and single mothers, and young, single dads. We believe the church should be one of the first places a mom runs to in that situation instead of the last because of shame and guilt. Embrace Grace is in nearly 700 support groups, 49 states, and 10 countries and has served over 8,000 families experiencing unexpected pregnancies.

Live Action logo

Lila Rose

Live Action is a human rights non-profit and the digital leader of the global pro-life movement. Live Action exists today to shift public opinion on abortion and defend the rights of the most vulnerable. With over 5.6 million social media followers and 1.4 billion lifetime video views, Live Action reaches up to 100 million people per month – saving lives and transforming hearts, with 38% of surveyed followers saying Live Action’s content has changed their position on abortion. Through compelling educational media, human interest storytelling, and investigative reporting, Live Action reveals the humanity of the preborn and exposes the abortion industry exploiting women and families for profit.

Eric Scheidler
Executive Director

The Pro-Life Action League was founded in 1980 by Joseph M. Scheidler, the “Godfather of pro-life activism,” to recruit, train, and equip pro-lifers to speak out on behalf of unborn children in their own communities. Now headed by Joe’s son Eric, the League coordinates hundreds of pro-life rallies, vigils, protests, and education campaigns throughout the United States, working with a vast network of local leaders and volunteers. This bold nationwide witness keeps abortion in the public eye, exposes the lies of Planned Parenthood and the abortion lobby, wins converts to the pro-life cause, and — above all — saves babies from abortion through direct action in the public square.

Pam Whitehead
Executive Director

ProLove Ministries is serving women in revolutionary ways with outside-the-box solutions and radical love. Since its launch in October 2019, ProLove Ministries has experienced a surge of inquiries from all over the country for information and assistance. Impact and services include: launching the first phase of its transitional housing project in Texas by purchasing a home to house pregnant women with small children; onboarding 16 affiliate organizations to fill varying gaps in the pro-life movement; providing $35,000 in education scholarships through its Mama Scholar project; serving over 2,000 women through LoveLine, its 24/7 pregnancy crisis hotline; cancelling 140 abortion appointments; purchasing 3 cars for single mommas; filling hundreds of baby registries and household necessities.

Ryan and Bethany Bomberger

The Radiance Foundation is a life-affirming factivist non-profit that reaches millions each year through news interviews/coverage, weekly published OpEds, 50+ keynote events, bold ad campaigns, and compassionate outreaches. Founded by Ryan and Bethany Bomberger, the organization’s DNA is wrapped up in their redemptive personal stories of adoption and “unplanned” pregnancies. Ryan was conceived in rape but adopted in love. Bethany was a single mom who faced an unexpected pregnancy but rejected the violence of abortion. That baby girl, adopted by Ryan, is named Radiance. They are passionate about creatively illuminating that every human life – planned or “unplanned” – has God-given purpose.

Support after abortion

Lisa Rowe

Support After Abortion seeks to end the demand for abortion through healing people impacted by abortion by building collaboration, compassion, and capacity to serve the 22 million people wounded from abortion experiences. In its first 21 months, Support After Abortion has indirectly served 100,000 people; helped 2,000+ clients through the HOPEline, virtual groups, and referrals; equipped 8,000+ leaders through three groundbreaking virtual conferences; built global capacity with 1,400 Healing Network partners; produced two breakthrough healing resources; released pivotal consumer research; and established a Men’s Task Force.


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