2023 NPLL Pro-Life
Impact Award Nominees


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2023 Nominees

In Alphabetical Order

Melissa Ohden, MSW
Founder & CEO

The Abortion Survivors Network is the only support and advocacy organization worldwide for the babies who have survived abortion and their families. Its groundbreaking research on Canadian data indicates there were minimally 1,734 abortion survivors in the U.S. alone in 2020. Forty-nine years of Roe would fill more than a Super Bowl stadium! Since 2019, the Abortion Survivors Network has connected with nearly 650 survivors, healing them with healing groups, empowering them with community support, and equipping them to find and use their voice. Where you see abortion survivors in the media, at events, or in policy hearings, the Abortion Survivors Network is the driving force. No one humanizes abortion the way abortion survivors do. In 2023, ASN is launching its Ambassadors program, activating survivors in their states to make them visible and abortion unthinkable. Additionally, ASN is launching collaborative training in how to respond to and support women after failed chemical abortions in this new post-Roe America.


Josh Brahm

Equal Rights Institute is an international pro-life apologetics organization that trains pro-life advocates to think clearly, reason honestly, and argue persuasively. Their philosophical and uniquely relational approach helps students refute the toughest pro-abortion-choice arguments and actually change hearts and minds while loving the pro-abortion-choice person in front of them. In addition to ERI’s two comprehensive online courses and wildly popular video social media content, ERI’s speakers, Josh Brahm and Emily Albrecht, travel internationally to present effective pro-life arguments to both pro-life and pro-abortion-choice audiences, including platform speaking events at conferences in England, Denmark, and Canada in just the next month and a half! ERI has been sought out to present the pro-life position on national and international media, including interviews in 2022 on MSNBC, BBC News, EWTN, and Relevant Radio, which reached millions of pro-abortion-choice people with intelligent and loving pro-life arguments for the very first time. Since 2014, ERI has reached 5,106,795 people with its content through public speaking, consulting, videos, podcasts, and online courses.


Christopher Bell
President & Chief Executive Officer

Good Counsel Homes has been lovingly caring for homeless, pregnant mothers and babies since 1985, welcoming any pregnant mother with or without older children. Good Counsel never says “no” to a pregnant woman in need. Free day care is provided for the women to be able to work or attend school. With 3 Good Counsel maternity homes in New York and 1 in New Jersey, and through counseling across the country, 8,200+ mothers have been served; 1,290 babies have been born to mothers living in Good Counsel Homes; over 774,607 days of help and nights of shelter have been provided to homeless mothers and their children. Since 2018, 57% of Good Counsel residents have gained employment and 54% have achieved educational advancement! 44,000+ calls have been answered by its 24/7 Helpline since its launch in 1996. The average occupancy in Good Counsel homes has been over capacity, at 101%. In a recent year, Good Counsel mothers received 14,148 professional one-on-one counseling sessions with their case managers. Good Counsel has also helped establish 9 maternity homes in 8 additional states. Further, Good Counsel offers an Exodus program, which is assistance and counseling for former residents, as well as counseling for men, women, and siblings impacted by abortion through its Lumina (which means “Light”) program – effectively helping to break the cycle of repeat and intergenerational abortions.


Joe Langfeld
Executive Director

Human Life Alliance (HLA) has served the pro-life community around the world for more than 46 years. Its comprehensive and compelling materials reach policy makers, single mothers, teens, young adults, medically vulnerable individuals, and their families to save lives. Today HLA presents the truth about abortion and supports life-affirming alternatives to infanticide, euthanasia, assisted suicide, and the so-called “safer-sex” myths. Since launching its printed educational campaigns in 1990, HLA has reached 237.8 million people in all 50 States, 88 different countries, and on all seven continents, beginning with the groundbreaking She’s a Child, not a “Choice” newspaper.


Dr. Monique Ruberu
Founder & Pro-Life OB/GYN

Natural Women’s Health is the first locally-based organization selected as a finalist for the NPLL Pro-Life Impact Award & Grants. Founded by Dr. Monique Ruberu, NWH is a 100% God-centered, pro-life, holistic, non-contraceptive-based, root-cause-seeking gynecology and fertility health organization, providing care for over 2,000 patients to date. God uses this group of medical professionals as instruments to save lives through counseling women against abortion and facilitating Abortion Pill Reversal. Free healthcare is provided to the destitute and abortion-vulnerable, and chastity, abortion recovery, marriage and faith are freely discussed with patients. Fertility challenges are solved without IVF, and countless preborn babies at high risk for miscarriage have been saved through expert progesterone monitoring and support. NWH provides a location where pro-life PA students, nursing students, and medical students can do clinical rotations to understand how to practice as a 100% pro-life medical provider. In addition to being a national pro-life public speaker and author, Dr. Ruberu began co-leading two 40 Days for Life Vigils in downtown Philadelphia, helping to facilitate daily coverage at both facilities for the past several years, including a personal commitment to pray and witness outside on a weekly basis.


ThriVe+ Logo

Bridget VanMeans
CEO & Vision Leader

ThriVe® Express Women’s Healthcare is the country’s strategy leader in the “Pregnancy Center Movement”, and has redefined what is now thought as possible. Using a Pro-woman medical model, aimed solely at the abortion-determined woman, ThriVe® has rescued well over 40,000 babies. ThriVe® is set completely apart from all other “pregnancy centers” via cutting edge advertising (extremely), top-tier medical services, state-of-the-art chic centers, Mobile Medical Centers, and now the Nation’s Premier Women’s TeleHealth brand (pointed right at the abortion pill/Plan C): ThriVe+! ThriVe® is the only life-affirming Women’s Healthcare Service pre-Roe (and post) that drove the SHUT DOWN of Planned Parenthood in their entire state. ThriVe® is a proven, tactical threat to Planned Parenthood’s heretofore unrestrained brutality, rendering them incapable of sustainability. Notably, Missouri became the first “abortion free” state in October of 2019, nearly 3 years before Roe was overturned! As the recognized catalyst for this historic phenomenon, ThriVe® Express Women’s Healthcare is now positioned as the first VIABLE, national counter brand to Planned Parenthood, and will rapidly expand into all 50 states in the next 18-24 months.


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