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Episode 30: With Guest Bridget VanMeans


Join host Karen Garnett as she welcomes co-host Brett Attebery, President and CEO of Heroic Media – “on the other side of the mic” – and Bridget VanMeans, President/Vision Leader of ThriVe Nation, to The National Prayer Luncheon for Life Pro-Life Impact Show for an exciting early update on the official launch of the national expansion of ThriVe+ Express Women’s Healthcare and Women’s Telehealth on July 4th! Hear the story of how the Holy Spirit “arranged” for Bridget to receive insider information about the abortion industry’s “Plan C” move-to-online strategy months before the fall of Roe; Brett’s and Bridget’s executive business backgrounds that prepared them for the creation of the ThriVe+ joint venture project winning business strategy; and why, using the proven successful business model in Missouri, and following the proven successful testing, we are witnessing the creation of the first national pro-life brand in 49 years that can successfully counter the Planned Parenthood brand – empowering young women to choose life rather than Planned Parenthood’s disempowering “solution” of abortion through this groundbreaking, cutting-edge new nationwide telehealth model.

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