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Episode 61: With Guest Dr. Monique Ruberu


Join hosts Karen Garnett and Brett Attebery as they welcome the third of our NPLL 2023 Pro-Life Impact Award and Pro-Life Impact Grant Nominees: Dr. Monique Ruberu, Founder & Pro-Life OB/GYN of Natural Women’s Health, to The National Prayer Luncheon for Life Pro-Life Impact Show! Natural Women’s Health is the first local organization to be a finalist for the NPLL Pro-Life Impact Award & Grants. NWH is a 100% God-centered, pro-life, holistic, non-contraceptive-based, root-cause-seeking gynecology and fertility health organization, providing care for over 2,000 patients to date. God uses this group of medical professionals as instruments to save lives through counseling women against abortion and facilitating Abortion Pill Reversal. Free healthcare is provided to the destitute and abortion-vulnerable, and chastity, abortion recovery, marriage, and faith are freely discussed with patients. Fertility challenges are solved without IVF, and countless preborn babies at high risk for miscarriage have been saved through expert progesterone monitoring and support. NWH provides a location where pro-life Physician Assistant students, nursing students, and medical students can do clinical rotations to understand how to practice as a 100% pro-life medical provider. In addition to being a national pro-life public speaker and author, Dr. Ruberu began co-leading two 40 Days for Life Vigils in downtown Philadelphia, helping to facilitate daily coverage at both facilities for the past several years, including a personal commitment to pray and witness outside on a weekly basis. You will love this inspiring conversation with Dr. Ruberu!


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