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Episode 64: Bridget VanMeans


Join host Karen Garnett as she welcomes the sixth of our six NPLL 2023 Pro-Life Impact Award and Pro-Life Impact Grant Nominees: Bridget VanMeans, CEO & Vision Leader of ThriVe® Express Women’s Healthcare, to The National Prayer Luncheon for Life Pro-Life Impact Show! ThriVe® Express Women’s Healthcare is the country’s strategy leader in the “Pregnancy Center Movement”, and has redefined what is now thought as possible. Using a Pro-woman medical model, aimed solely at the abortion-determined woman, ThriVe® has rescued well over 40,000 babies. ThriVe® is set completely apart from all other “pregnancy centers” via cutting edge advertising (extremely), top-tier medical services, state-of-the-art chic centers, Mobile Medical Centers, and now the Nation’s Premier Women’s TeleHealth brand (pointed right at the abortion pill/Plan C): ThriVe+! ThriVe® is the only life-affirming Women’s Healthcare Service pre-Roe (and post) that drove the SHUT DOWN of Planned Parenthood in their entire state. ThriVe® is a proven, tactical threat to Planned Parenthood’s heretofore unrestrained brutality, rendering them incapable of sustainability. Notably, Missouri became the first “abortion free” (abortion-facility free) state in October of 2019, nearly 3 years before Roe was overturned! As the recognized catalyst for this historic phenomenon, ThriVe® Express Women’s Healthcare is now positioned as the first VIABLE, national counter brand to Planned Parenthood, and will rapidly expand into all 50 states in the next 18-24 months. You’ll love this inspiring conversation with Bridget!


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