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Episode 69: With Guest Aurora Tinajero


Join host Karen Garnett as she welcomes Aurora Tinajero, NPLL 2023 “Hour of Power” Prayer & Celebration Speaker/Prayer Leader and National Coordinator of Latinos por La Vida, to The National Prayer Luncheon for Life Pro-Life Impact Show! Hear Aurora’s personal story of changing her mind about getting an abortion in 1973, when she experienced both an unexpected pregnancy and homelessness; how God first used her and that dramatic, life-altering story as His instrument to help save the life of another baby a few short years later; and how He has raised her up as a national and international FORCE for the Gospel of LIFE – creating and implementing critically needed, breakthrough programs and services – for decades! We congratulate Aurora in being honored with the 2023 People of Life Award from the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops’ Pro-Life Secretariat, which she will receive this July! You will be so inspired listening to her Holy Spirit-filled testimonies in this conversation!

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