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Episode 80: With Guest Pierre Koshakji


Join hosts Karen Garnett and Brett Attebery as they welcome Pierre KoshakjiChairman of the Board of Heroic Media and Co-Founder & Chairman of the Board of Authentic Leadership Foundation, to The National Prayer Luncheon for Life Pro-Life Impact Show! From a different angle on impact this week, we’re excited to share this inspiring conversation with our Board Chair about the incredible Virtuous Leadership and Authentic Leadership training programs we have recently completed – and how transformative they have been in each of our lives – both personally / individually and professionally / organizationally / collectively.

“Definitions are everything” – and “the definition” of virtuous and authentic leadership – to which we are all called! – is “to bring out the greatness in others”!

Learn about Alexandre Havard, the “Virtuous Leadership Pyramid”, the “Quad Chart Challenge”, the importance of understanding and maximizing our primary and secondary temperaments and signature strengths, and how each individual discovering and living out their mission and purpose will yield magnanimous impact on the world!

There’s something for everyone – watch, enjoy, and share!

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